Mossa Pilates

Mossa Studio

“Mossa” means movement in Italian, reflecting the dynamic essence of the studio. Inspired by Dagmara Syprzak’s personal experiences in Spain and Italy, Mossa is infused with Mediterranean influences. Syprzak, captivated by the vibrant energy, sunny climates, fresh cuisine, and relaxed lifestyle of these regions, aimed to recreate this unique atmosphere in Wilanów.


Located in a secluded, green area of Warsaw, Mossa Pilates Studio is designed to resonate with both minimalists and color enthusiasts. 

The interior features a harmonious blend of navy blue and yellow, evoking the sun-warmed sky and the deep blue sea. Natural light floods the studio during the day, while soothing lighting creates a warm ambiance in the evenings and during the colder months. To enhance the training experience, citrus aromatherapy is used to stimulate the senses, adding an extra layer of rejuvenation and tranquility to each session.


Discover the essence of the Mediterranean at Mossa Pilates Studio, where movement meets a vibrant, invigorating atmosphere.