Aesthetics have played a significant role in our client’s life for years, as she manages several Warsaw restaurants daily. As a studio, we wanted to ensure that Weronika would return every day to a home where every detail has been meticulously crafted.

From the moment you step through the door, you can feel the warmth that emanates from the house. The living room, which serves as the central area, envelops you in coziness, helping to offset the stress accumulated by the household members throughout the day. In designing the home, we kept Weronika’s family at the forefront of our minds, creating a space that radiates inviting energy and atmosphere the children immediately feel and respond to.

Family gatherings once a week are not just opportunities to deepen familial bonds but also to build lasting memories in a home that will become an integral part of their lives over the years.

The kitchen, with its beautiful wooden island, transforms into a gingerbread house factory at Christmas, while the spectacular living room becomes an obstacle course when Weronika’s son has friends over.

Amidst the modernist interior designs prevalent in big cities, we have created a 160 sqm oasis of calm. This home allows family members to breathe and relax, away from the rush of the Polish capital, offering a perfect blend of modern living and familiar warmth.